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Rizki Khoirunnisa, 21 years old.
just an ordinary girl who's been dreaming about being a movie director someday. currently living in Jakarta, but my mind always flies away over this world.
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  • 1. What’s your favorite sound?
  • sound of rain.
  • 2. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?
  • vancouver. at one of its park.
  • 3. How was your first kiss?
  • ummmm.
  • 4. Random embarrassing fact about yourself?
  • i am afraid of height, and depth.
  • 5. What haircolor do you feel most comfortable with?
  • my natural. ummm it's dark brown, i think?
  • 6. Do you still sleep with stuffed animals?
  • yes!
  • 7. Are you creative in any way?
  • i think so. quite creative.
  • 8. Do you paint your nails?
  • nope.
  • 9. Have you ever licked frozen metal?
  • yikes, nope.
  • 10. Are you still in touch with your first best friend?
  • well, not really.
  • 11. How do you act when you’re stressed?
  • listening music non stop, stay quiet.
  • 12. How do you act when you’re angry?
  • quiet, then go to sleep. lol.
  • 13. Are you grumpy when you’ve just woke up?
  • depends in why i woke up. when someone wakes me up and annoys me, yes i am grumpy.
  • 14. Would you join the army?
  • nope. i have weak body.
  • 15. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
  • matcha.
  • 16. Do you forgive people easily?
  • yes.
  • 17. What’s on your bucket list?
  • ummm nothing. i haven't added any list, yet.
  • 18. Do you smile and laugh much?
  • yes, as long as i could.
  • 19. Are you pretentious?
  • nope. hahaha.
  • 20. How tall are you?
  • around 160cm.
  • 21. If you could change anything about yourself, what would you change?
  • my eyes. i want a normal one, so no need to use any glasses.
  • 22. Do you think you are a good friend?
  • yes i am.
  • 23. Is there anything you want to do right now?
  • ummm resign from my current office and find a new one, where i could feel comfortable.
  • 24. What is your favorite movie and why?
  • titanic. can you imagine how it's made in 90's where movie technology was not modern yet?
  • 25. Can you cross your eyes?
  • nope.
  • 26. Do you wear makeup?
  • sometimes.
  • 27. Do you think it’s hard to talk to strangers/people you don’t know?
  • not really.
  • 28. What’s your first memory?
  • ummm i don't know. i have too much memories.
  • 29. Do you like carnivals?
  • yes.
  • 30. What about circuses?
  • love it too.
  • 31. Have you ever hung out in an abandoned building?
  • nope.
  • 32. Do you like sushi?
  • yes.
  • 33. What would the perfect date be like in your opinion?
  • go to a beach and see sunset!
  • 34. Are you a romantic person?
  • yes.
  • 35. Have you ever written a love letter to someone?
  • ummm nope. hahaha. should i write one?
  • 36. Do you have a pen pal from another country?
  • nope.
  • 37. Would you kill a person if you knew you’d get away with it?
  • nope. can't imagine it.
  • 38. What color would you like your future house to be in?
  • white.
  • 39. Do you still think it’s fun to play around at playgrounds?
  • yes, it's fun so much.
  • 40. Have you ever climbed a tree and fell down?
  • yes. i used to climb a tree often.
  • 41. What’s the funniest word you know of?
  • "kepompong", don't ask me why. lol.
  • 42. Have you ever went camping with your friends?
  • yes.
  • 43. Do you like campfires?
  • yes, very much.
  • 44. Do you cry easily?
  • yes. i am such a crybaby.

this morning i got a huge shock and heartbroken. never expected i would get this kind of feeling from someone. he is one of my friend at high school. i have been loving him since the first time i entered my class in 10 grade. no one knows it, until now. i kept this feeling and never let him know about it. he seems doesn’t care of everything around him, not even about love. and that’s how i always think he has no interest in relationship. and that’s how i never thought about confessing my love. but i can’t help it, that i have been loving him. always. for the last 6 years. stupid, huh? and since i was separated with my last ex-boyfriend, i never had intention to find a new boyfriend, i want to love him in my silence, from distance. seeing him even only sometimes gives me a little happiness, because all these time i thought he will never find any girlfriend.

he often asked me "go find a boyfriend already" when we chatted in line. but all i could explain is "finding a boyfriend is just not that easy" . yeah, i know, what a bullshit. i wish i knew what he was thinking back then. i stood with a stupid-relief that he stays alone and maybe someday magic will happen to me, finding him love me back. yes, stupid. it is a super duper fool i could ever thought.

and this morning i found his twitter in my inbox. i clicked his tweets, and found one tweet to his girlfriend. yep, he has a girlfriend. funny, huh? it was like a thunder hit my heart with storm following. i was frozen for few minutes before realizing my tears have fallen. someone whom i love and expect will never even try to have a girlfriend, now has one. i got a heart attack and heartbroken. not because i don’t confess my feeling to him, it’s because how dare i am to even expect him for not having a girlfriend? he is an ordinary boy after all. why do i have such fool thought? and then i find myself like a moron, heartbroken from someone i never deserve. and why do i have to be surprised.

now i’m sitting here, thinking about that awful truth over and over again, look like a big idiot.

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"Romantic, right?"

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